Saturday, November 29, 2008

a luxury life of mine

Today is Saturday. Just like usually my family finds Saturday as a very relaxing day, it's our holiday. Just after breakfast my father in law came to visit us. We decided to buy some plants for our garden and enjoying our holiday by having lunch together in a mall near our place. On the way in the car my mind flew to Alimin. I remembered that Alimin has one of his three times a week Hemodialysis(HD) on Saturday. Alimin is still in three times a week dialysis since his last critical condition. I sent an sms to Alimin asked him when would he come back to the twice a week dialysis. He said, maybe in two more weeks. Reading his sms, I imagined Alimin laid down on his bed with HD machine tied up to his arm for 5 hours, three times a week. I looked around at my family in our car. Our daughter sat hapily next to me and my husband played rock, scissor, paper's game with her. We laughed together. How "perfect" our family is. Thinking of Alimin made me thought, what a luxury life I have, just being able to enjoy a holiday with my family this Saturday.

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