Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Books to be shared

When we were miscarriage our first child, a friend of my husband gave us these books. He was my husband's former professor in Calvin Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan. He together with his wife are the authors of these books, they both lost spouses before marrying each other and then served God together as grief counselors. Reading the books really open up my mind and give a glimpse of the journey of grief. I believe nobody can really tell the pain except them whom experience the death of loved one him/her self.

These are the books that might be a good reading for them who are grieving for the lost of the loved one :

Getting to the Other Side of Grief
Overcoming The Loss of a Spouse
by Susan J.Zonnebelt-Smeenge, R.N.,Ed.D. and Robert C. De Vries, D.Min.,Ph.D.

Traveling through Grief
Learning to Live Again After The Death of A Loved One
by Susan J.Zonnebelt-Smeenge, R.N.,Ed.D. and Robert C. De Vries, D.Min.,Ph.D.

The Empty Chair
Handling Grief on Holidays and Special Occasions
by Susan J.Zonnebelt-Smeenge, R.N.,Ed.D. and Robert C. De Vries, D.Min.,Ph.D.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My first meeting with Chelsea

Since we moved here in Karawaci Tangerang - West Java I was looking forward to meet Chelsea. I never met her in person before and I just knew her by name only from Alimin's sms. I heard her place is very close to where we live, but we just moved here and I knew nothing about Karawaci area. We finally learned a little about Karawaci's map and able to go to church on Sunday. We decided to find GRII Karawaci where Alimin was attended. During the service I looked around trying to catch a glimpse of her profile, but unfortunately I could only see the back of people's heads most of the time. And if I waited until the service was over, I might lose Chelsea in the crowd. I didn't even know whether Chelsea went to church that morning or not. I had no options but tried my luck.
Unexpectedly I spotted somebody at the podium that looked really close to Chelsea's image in the photo that Alimin gave me. She was singing in the choir. I was almost 100% sure that it was Chelsea, actually. I was happy that at least it would be much more easier to find her in the choir's group. It was a blessing that I finally able to find and meet Chelsea after the service was over.

Standing face to face with Chelsea, I found my self speechless. I did realize, what could I say to comfort her other than all those cliche words. It was about a month since Alimin passed away and the grief was still hanging heavily in the air. Even for me, it was still so hard to accept that God "changed" our plan to gather money for Alimin. A part of me still hoping that at least we could give Alimin more reason to live by let him know that so many friends love and care for him. I knew if it was so hard for me, how even harder it was for Chelsea. So I introduced my self and just hug Chelsea without really able to say anything. Then I followed her to the Sunday School's class room to picked up Keisha and it was at my first sight when I know that Keisha bears the image of Alimin. It was a wonderful moment to me, looking at the image of my friend in the life of little Keisha.

Chelsea and Keisha, I believe you were very special and dearly in Alimin's heart. As a friend of Alimin I want to say thank you to you for bringing heavenly happiness to Alimin' life. I believe the years when you were together, it was the golden years of Alimin's precious life.

God be with us...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Thank You Update #7

Hai everybody,

I need to make a correction to the last total amount. Chelsea and me just did the final check for the donation's list. We found a mix report and we fixed it. After the correction the total amount is Rp. 32.640.000 and $140 (from 33.640.000 and $140)

Thank you

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Thank You Update #6

Pardon me for this late update. Our family was moving from Surabaya to Karawaci, Tangerang - West Java and we had been extremely busy packing and sending our stuff since the second week of December 2008. Now we have settled down and able to get a very nice internet connection in our new place.

Since the first time I launched this blog I was so moved by so many friends and strangers' responses. I am deeply touched by your love and generosity to Alimin and his family. This is my first time to launch a fund raising widely through blog and I am amazed at how people react and respond. I didn't think before that Alimin would leave us so suddenly, just only two weeks after we started to gather some funds. I just believe that God has special plans for Chelsea and Keisha, a very hard plan to comprehend by our limited understanding and wisdom. We continue praying for Chelsea and Keisha. There are hard roads ahead for Chelsea to cope with her life as a mother of lil' Keisha and as a woman to make a living for her family.

Thank you everybody for your care, your love and for everything. Through all of these I believe Alimin had given us a moment where we all could share our love in Christ to each others. Thank you for making this world a better place for all of us, even though we might not know each others so well.

This is the update. We have gathered Rp.33.640.000,- and $140 for Alimin's family. And Happy New Year everybody, God's peace be with all of us in this year of 2009

28. A H ( 1/12)
29. S T (2/12)
30. W /T S (5/12)
31. J T (5/12)
32. Y B (9/12)
33. A H U (9/12)
34. T S B/Alg (9/12)
35. CC Dw (9/12)
36. K H (9/12)
37. A S (9/12)
38. H K S (9/12)
39. NN (10/12)
40. R A (10/12)
41. S H J K (10/12)
42. Bd H (10/12)
43. A N (15/12)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Thank You Update #5

Friends are still pouring their love to Alimin's family until today. Thank you for your care and love to Alimin's family.

Since the purpose of this donation is no longer in existence, naturally the donation is halted. Thank you for all of you that donated for Alimin. All the donated money goes to the surviving family.

Alimin is survived by his wife Chelsea (Tin Chai Shia) and his daughter Keisha Steffi Winata.

21. LL, Canada (9/12)

22. E, W, dkk

23. Pusat Kerohanian UK Petra

24. YC

25. SSD

26. Pakta

27. M S

To tal amount that has been gathered until today is Rp. 17.510.000,- and $ 140

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Short Devotion

By Kalvin Surya Budiman, USA

The day Alimin passed away I was reading about Lazarus (John 11:1-44) and some articles on nihilism and existentialism. It is captivating to know how we, human beings, are in constant struggle to find the meaning of life, and it often takes the fact of "death" to help us to put life into perspective. But if I stop at that fact, then I'm an existentialist according to the book that I read, and being an existentialist is problematic because existentialism only helps us to become aware of the meaning of life without necessarily having one. Thank God, the Bible says something more.

When Lazarus died, Jesus did not arrive on the scene until several days afterwards. I like to imagine that during those days, Lazarus must have seen the light waiting for him on the other side of life. If that really what was happening-and I like to think that that was true-Lazarus must have been very reluctant when he was brought back to this side of life again. But I also like to imagine that when Lazarus came out of his grave and saw his beloved friend, Jesus, standing there right in front of him, he would not be able to tell which side of life he was on; and that's all right because to be with Christ is what really matters.

To all Alimin's friends and family: "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His faithful ones" (Ps. 116:15).

(From personal devotions of Kalvin S. Budiman)

Monday, December 8, 2008

informasi rumah duka

Saudara kita Alimin saat ini disemayamkan di rumah duka Siloam Gleanegles Hospital Karawaci, Ruang A.

Kebaktian Tutup Peti :
malam ini. Senin, 8 December 2008, pk.19.30
di Rumah Duka Siloam Gleanegles Hospital, Karawaci
Dipimpin oleh team dari GRII Karawaci

Kebaktian Penghiburan :
Selasa, 9 Desember 2008, pk.19.30
di Rumah Duka Siloam Gleanegles Hospital, Karawaci
Dipimpin oleh Pendeta Andi Halim (dari GRII Ngagel Surabaya)

Kebaktian Pemberangkatan Jenazah :
Rabu, 10 Desember 2008, pk. 08.00
di Rumah Duka Siloam Gleanegles Hospital, Karawaci
Dipimpin oleh team dari GRII Karawaci

Kebaktian Menjelang Kremasi :
Rabu, 10 Desember 2008, Pk.10.00 di Krematorium Oasis Lestari, Bitung
Dipimpin oleh Pendeta Andi Halim (dari GRII Ngagel Surabaya)

For more information
please SMS Andrianto's cell number : 0812 812 1620

Thank you friends for all prayers and comforting words from all of you.
We continue gathering the fund through Pakta's account and Alimin's account. We will send all fund that has been collected to Chelsea.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Rest in Peace, Alimin 1974-2008

Surrounded by family and friends,
gently whispered the sweet song
I Surrender All
Alimin passed away in peace tonight at 21.30 pm.
He is now safe and sound in his Father's hands.

Tenderly, may time heal our sorrow
Gently, may family and friends ease our pain
Softly, may peace replace our heartache
And may warmest memories remains ...

You did well my friend
We will miss you very dearly

But we don't need to say good bye,
just until we meet again ... brother.