Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Alimin is in critical condition

This morning Andrianto called me and brought a shocking news about Alimin. He got a stroke and is in critical condition. Early today, around 5 am in the morning Alimin woke Chelsea up. He said he felt nausea, but then he fell back asleep and snored. Later Chelsea couldn't wake him up. She called ambulance to rush Alimin to Global Medika Hospital. Alimin was examined in the ER and doctor found bleeding in his brain. His condition remains critical until now (by 12.55 pm).

Chelsea sent an sms to Andrianto and he quickly rushed to Global Medika to be with her and Alimin. Alimin is still unconscious, he is in coma. The bleeding presses his brain stem. Doctors says they can't do anything except waiting and hoping that Alimin's condition will improve by itself. The kidney complication also makes brain surgery a challenging option to treat the stroke. So not much doctors can do for now except hoping for a miracle.

Some relatives and friends from GRII Karawaci are there to be with Chelsea and Alimin right now. Alimin and Chelsea planned to baptize their daughter this Sunday. Please pray together with Alimin's family during this stressful moments.

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