Friday, December 5, 2008

Andrianto's visit's report

Because my location is in Surabaya, I totally depend on Andrianto (Sien An)'s report about everything that is going on with Alimin. Since Alimin was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure last March, Andrianto always in contact with Alimin and I can say that he is practically the only friend that Alimin can pour his heart's content out. They often talk on the phone on the way home from work, while fighting Jakarta's highly crowded streets, trap in traffic congestion.

These few days Andrianto squeezed in opportunities between his busy working office hour to visit Alimin in the hospital. I have no idea at all about the distance between Andrianto's office and Global Medika Hospital, but I'm sure it's not relaxing trips to go back and forth like that. I really appreciate what he has done to Alimin's family and also for this blog. Andrianto is always diligently sms or call me every time he gets any news regarding Alimin. He is also diligently spread this blog to his colleagues who are completely strangers to Alimin, talk to them to participate for Alimin. What a friend he is. I'm glad he is one of my team members.

Anyway, yesterday Andrianto was there with Alimin. Alimin has'nt made any improvement yet. He was still unconscious but everybody noticed that Alimin did move his arm and react when he was pinched or stimulated on his feet. Even though it seemed like Alimin started to respond, the nurse who was there said that it was just his muscles reaction. It couldn't be used to judge any improvement in Alimin's brain. The doctor was not there at that time. A day before when Andrianto had a chance to meet the doctor he said that Alimin's pupils have dilated and didn't respond, it means that there are significant nerves damage in Alimin's brain.

The other thing that Andrianto also concerned was Alimin's HD (dialysis) schedule. Yesterday was Thursday, it had to be Alimin's regular HD's day. The nurse said that she couldn't provide any accurate explanation, she just knew that Alimin will not get any HD treatment so far. Alimin gets medication and nutrition through IV (intravenous, "infus" in bahasa). The liquid from the IV was adjusted according to his kidney condition.

Alimin's mother has arrived from Sumatra and according to Andrianto, she looked calm and sober. She stood beside Alimin's bed and with a motherly love she talked to him when sometimes Alimin made some movements. Chelsea brought Keisha to hospital yesterday, but she said she couldn't bring Keisha to Alimin's room. Keisha always wants to cling on her father every time she sees Alimin. It was so sad to hear that. Every child has a natural call to feel the love and to express the love to he/her parents. As a mother and a wife I am deeply touched by Chelsea's situation, I can't even imagine the weight of burden she is having now. We will continue praying for Alimin and his family.

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