Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My first meeting with Chelsea

Since we moved here in Karawaci Tangerang - West Java I was looking forward to meet Chelsea. I never met her in person before and I just knew her by name only from Alimin's sms. I heard her place is very close to where we live, but we just moved here and I knew nothing about Karawaci area. We finally learned a little about Karawaci's map and able to go to church on Sunday. We decided to find GRII Karawaci where Alimin was attended. During the service I looked around trying to catch a glimpse of her profile, but unfortunately I could only see the back of people's heads most of the time. And if I waited until the service was over, I might lose Chelsea in the crowd. I didn't even know whether Chelsea went to church that morning or not. I had no options but tried my luck.
Unexpectedly I spotted somebody at the podium that looked really close to Chelsea's image in the photo that Alimin gave me. She was singing in the choir. I was almost 100% sure that it was Chelsea, actually. I was happy that at least it would be much more easier to find her in the choir's group. It was a blessing that I finally able to find and meet Chelsea after the service was over.

Standing face to face with Chelsea, I found my self speechless. I did realize, what could I say to comfort her other than all those cliche words. It was about a month since Alimin passed away and the grief was still hanging heavily in the air. Even for me, it was still so hard to accept that God "changed" our plan to gather money for Alimin. A part of me still hoping that at least we could give Alimin more reason to live by let him know that so many friends love and care for him. I knew if it was so hard for me, how even harder it was for Chelsea. So I introduced my self and just hug Chelsea without really able to say anything. Then I followed her to the Sunday School's class room to picked up Keisha and it was at my first sight when I know that Keisha bears the image of Alimin. It was a wonderful moment to me, looking at the image of my friend in the life of little Keisha.

Chelsea and Keisha, I believe you were very special and dearly in Alimin's heart. As a friend of Alimin I want to say thank you to you for bringing heavenly happiness to Alimin' life. I believe the years when you were together, it was the golden years of Alimin's precious life.

God be with us...

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