Saturday, November 15, 2008

Temporary 3 times a week dialysis

Following Alimin's critical condition last month, Alimin is still on three times a week dialysis (Hemodialysis or HD) until today. Doctor plans to continue three times a week HD treatment for a month to prevent fluid retention(swelling) in Alimin's body. We will continue posting any updates regarding Alimin in here.

Meanwhile we are starting to launch this blog widely. This fund raising is supported by PAKTA Persekutuan Alumni Kristen Universitas Kristen Petra. Do not forget to write " For Alimin" on your transfer's slip for administrative purposes. You can also transfer directly to Alimin's personal account, please find the information on the right column. We plan to add PayPal for worldwide donation.

If you need any information or assistance please feel free to contact me through email :

For you who want to learn more about kidney disease please scroll down to the links on the side bar of this blog.

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