Friday, December 12, 2008

Thank You Update #5

Friends are still pouring their love to Alimin's family until today. Thank you for your care and love to Alimin's family.

Since the purpose of this donation is no longer in existence, naturally the donation is halted. Thank you for all of you that donated for Alimin. All the donated money goes to the surviving family.

Alimin is survived by his wife Chelsea (Tin Chai Shia) and his daughter Keisha Steffi Winata.

21. LL, Canada (9/12)

22. E, W, dkk

23. Pusat Kerohanian UK Petra

24. YC

25. SSD

26. Pakta

27. M S

To tal amount that has been gathered until today is Rp. 17.510.000,- and $ 140

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