Sunday, January 4, 2009

Thank You Update #6

Pardon me for this late update. Our family was moving from Surabaya to Karawaci, Tangerang - West Java and we had been extremely busy packing and sending our stuff since the second week of December 2008. Now we have settled down and able to get a very nice internet connection in our new place.

Since the first time I launched this blog I was so moved by so many friends and strangers' responses. I am deeply touched by your love and generosity to Alimin and his family. This is my first time to launch a fund raising widely through blog and I am amazed at how people react and respond. I didn't think before that Alimin would leave us so suddenly, just only two weeks after we started to gather some funds. I just believe that God has special plans for Chelsea and Keisha, a very hard plan to comprehend by our limited understanding and wisdom. We continue praying for Chelsea and Keisha. There are hard roads ahead for Chelsea to cope with her life as a mother of lil' Keisha and as a woman to make a living for her family.

Thank you everybody for your care, your love and for everything. Through all of these I believe Alimin had given us a moment where we all could share our love in Christ to each others. Thank you for making this world a better place for all of us, even though we might not know each others so well.

This is the update. We have gathered Rp.33.640.000,- and $140 for Alimin's family. And Happy New Year everybody, God's peace be with all of us in this year of 2009

28. A H ( 1/12)
29. S T (2/12)
30. W /T S (5/12)
31. J T (5/12)
32. Y B (9/12)
33. A H U (9/12)
34. T S B/Alg (9/12)
35. CC Dw (9/12)
36. K H (9/12)
37. A S (9/12)
38. H K S (9/12)
39. NN (10/12)
40. R A (10/12)
41. S H J K (10/12)
42. Bd H (10/12)
43. A N (15/12)

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