Friday, October 3, 2008


One day in March 2008 Alimin was not feeling well. He felt weak, nauseated and dizzy. He didn’t immediately take it seriously for he was generally healthy and rarely had any significant problems with his health. His only remarkable illness was high blood pressure that once made him fainted but it was long time ago when he was still in his twenties. Alimin decided to take his health situation more seriously when the symptoms persistent for more than one week. Alimin thought the worst case would be typhus which was very common in Indonesia. He went to hospital on March 17th and out of his expectation doctor immediately ordered him to check in for hospital stayed right away. The day after, Alimin went through several laboratory checks in Siloam Hospital and the result was a huge shock that never crossed his mind before. On March 19th Alimin was diagnosed for positive chronic kidney failure. His creatinine level was 12 (normal 1,7), ureum level was 264 (normal 67). The X-ray result showed that both of his kidneys had shrunk into 7cm x 4cm (from normal 12cm x 5cm). His kidney was only 15% working.

The news was beyond shocking for Alimin and his family. He was then immediately put in twice a week dialysis which was becoming another real nightmare. The only good news was his other vital organs like heart, lungs and liver were all healthy and well functioned; which was a big point for his overall health. Doctor explained that the only hope for a chronic kidney failure was kidney transplantation. Without new kidney Alimin will always need to do dialysis for the rest of his life.

Since that day Alimin spends every Wednesday and Saturday for dialysis. Alimin has been struggled so much to adjust with his “new life”. Now he still can work but he is weaker and slower.The damage in his kidney affects overall function of his body.

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