Sunday, November 9, 2008

new update : A Horrifying Night

At midnight on 27 October 2008 Alimin suddenly experienced short breath. He was immediately brought to Emergency Room and being cared for in ICU of Global Medica Hospital. His condition was very critical, his lung was half filled with water because of his kidney trouble. Alimin sent sms two days later to some friends asked for prayer supports. He described his experience that night as horrifying. He thanked God that he has been given a chance to live longer.
Since that night Alimin has to have temporarily three times a week dialysis. He was on two times a week dialysis before (every Wednesday and Saturday). He lost 8 kg.

For friends who know Alimin's phone number, please do not rush to call him. He needs a lot of rest. Last time there were too many phone calls that made Alimin very tired physically and emotionally. An sms will do and a prayer will be greatly appreciated.

Please continue to support Alimin financially in this difficult time.
BCA 1090643858
a.n. Alimin

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